Essential interview tips: nailing your first contact with potential clients

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Andrea Jordan

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Are you looking for some interview tips? Don’t go into a client-freelance interview without proper preparation! That is your chance to showcase your skills and experience and is the first and most important step in establishing a successful working relationship. Here are some interview tips to follow:

Tune in

Ensure that you thoroughly research the freelance project. Understand the goals and challenges, and come prepared with ideas on how you can help the clients achieve their objectives. Also, prepare to answer questions about the project, as well as your past experience.

Show your expertise

Share examples of your previous related work and explain how your skills and experience can help the client achieve their goals. Be specific and use concrete examples to illustrate your capabilities.

Communicate effectively

Show that you understand the client’s needs and can articulate how you can help them achieve their objectives. Define the limits of your negotiation, in particular what refers to your rate and availability.

Listen actively

During the interview, be an active listener. Ask questions and take notes to show that you’re engaged and interested in the project.

Follow up

After the interview, follow up with the client to thank them for their time and reiterate your interest in the project. This shows that you’re professional and proactive, and can help keep your name top of mind.

Be honest

If you don’t have experience in a specific area, don’t pretend that you do. Instead, be honest and explain how you’re willing to learn and adapt to the project’s requirements.

Pitch perfect

What do you want the client to know about you in the first 30 seconds of the conversation? Make sure you invest enough effort into defining your elevator pitch, rehearse it, say it out loud several times to verify that it is understandable and that you feel comfortable with what (and how) you are saying.

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By following these best practices, you can maximize your potential to impress clients and turn that perfect freelance project into a contract that gets you closer to achieving your professional goals. Fingers crossed!

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