The cherry on top: advanced features for a strong presence in freelance platforms

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Sandra Arevalo

Founder & CEO

Do you wonder how the best freelance profiles look like? Having a strong presence in freelance platforms is key to attract clients. No one knows this better than the platforms themselves, since your success finding jobs there is 100% related to their own success.
Since you share your earnings pie with them, make sure you get the most out of all the features they develop to make you (and them) grow.
Don’t stay on the safe side with the basics covered, thinking that featuring a polished profile is enough.
Landing jobs online requires effort. In this post, learn about those extra features designed to make you take the leap:


Let the jobs come to you through


With different layout possibilities or in a basic display, portfolios are your best presentation letter. They show what you can produce, allowing you to highlight in a more graphical way your accomplishment and the quality of your work. When possible, use them in a case-study model, showing what the challenge was, your approach to the solution and the outcome. There’s no better way to help the client visualize what it’d be to work with you! Has another freelancer got that job you applied to? Have a look at his profile, most certainly a good portfolio will be part of the reasons why the client considered that profile better than yours.


It’s been quite some time since Upwork launched the specialized profiles feature. Why are the best freelancers hitting it with specialized profiles? They allow you to define a specific skill set for a defined niche with an additional level of detail. This is particularly interesting for profiles that offer different services (i.e. design & marketing) without risking to appear too unfocused when mixing all the skills in a single profile. On top of that, you can define different rates for each profile, making it easier to offer support at different prices depending on the difficulty or demand of the specific field.


This is where Upwork and Freelancer got closer to Fiverr with their “Project catalogue” and “Services” offers, respectively.  Why are they interesting to explore? To showcase what you can do in a nutshell (scope, deliverables and prices pre-defined). This is particularly useful for clients who know what they need but lack the expertise to articulate it in a job posting. Putting your work in packages requires some effort, not many freelancers do it. Best freelance profiles use all the tools at hand to shine, guess who will shine in front of a customer having something different to offer?

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