Wisar.pro: the shortest path to 1000’s of opportunities for freelancers

Sandra Arevalo

Founder & CEO

2019 was a year full of lessons learned. Loyal to our mission, we experimented with multiple adjustments to our service with one goal in common: to connect our professionals with flexible work opportunities around the globe. Our users’ support was key to help us understand what really creates value for them and what needed a second thought.

Balancing our contribution to our users’ success, we have redefined our service model focusing in what freelancers need the most today: faster access to jobs and clients.

As a fully remote team, we at Wisar know the daily challenges faced by independent workers around the globe. We have been very aware of the raising concerns that the COVID-19 situation brings, specially since it started to escalate in Europe.

With this in our hearts and minds, we have been working hard to launch Wisar.pro, the new service that allows freelancers to find jobs faster overseeing multiple freelance work platforms in parallel. Wisar.pro analyses around 5000 projects everyday, highlighting for each user those opportunities that better fit with their profile.

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Wisar.pro: a platform full of job opportunities from multiple online work platforms, curated for every freelancer

Wisar.pro provides freelancers with a daily list of matching opportunities resulting from the deep understanding of their profile and comparing it with the available freelance work opportunities coming from multiple online work platforms like Freelancer.com, People per Hour, Talent Exchange and Upwork. We will add new platforms every month, so the job opportunities for our users will expand permanently.


With Wisar.pro the freelancers will reduce at least 50% the time they invests today on manually searching for new projects or clients.

Since May 2020, independent workers around the globe are grabbing the Wisar.pro advantage for less than 10 € per month, having free access to test the platform during 14 days

Doing what we do best, we’re now able to bring more value to our users by providing a continuous flow of projects that match them perfectly. With Wisar.pro the independent professionals can apply to jobs faster, get hired and get that stable income they have been dreaming of.

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