Attracting the right employees and fostering their loyalty is arguably one of the most important tasks of any company. If we add into the mix the fast pace of the labour market, it is becoming increasingly difficult to identify what talent we need and what will really determine the future of a company.

What does the employee need to be like? What skills do they need? What professions are the most in demand? We will explain everything in this post.

Flexible and adaptable to change

The professional of the future is very flexible and knows how to adapt to constant change; they are creative and are able to adopt change as a driving-force for improvement; they are versatile and are capable of an about face when required. In many cases, it is not about their knowledge of technology but knowing what to ask of the technology, either in fields like digital marketing or in process automation.

New working environments are made up of multidisciplinary teams with creative and technological skills, to empower each other, and in turn, to foster motivation and loyalty within the company. To do this, professionals need to have social intelligence skills so that they can develop in this sphere.

The constant change that leads to digital transformation also means that professionals work towards objectives and that work is outsourced so that they are able to work for various enterprises based all around the world.

Who are the most in demand professionals?

Overall, companies are seeking employees with transversal skills who know about business and technology, who are proactive and know how to use their initiative to drive the company forward. Currently, some of the most sought-after posts are user experience experts and professionals who work on making prototypes of digital products.

Another sought after profession is Growth Hacking; a discipline which seeks to create rapid and evident growth in the number of users, revenue and impact of the company; a transversal profession, which understands the everyday life of the user and has knowledge of technology, sales, marketing and the product.

Here is a list of the most in demand professions of 2019, according to digital book Inesdi:

  • Digital Strategy: Director of Strategy and Digital Transformation and Director of Digital Transformation and Technology.
  • Digital Marketing: Digital Marketing Manager, Inbound Marketing Specialist, SEM & SEO Specialist, SEO Specialist, RTB & Traffic Manager and Growth Hacker.
  • Digital communication and social networks: Digital Communication Manager, Transmedia & Branded Content Specialist, Content Manager, Social Media Manager, Community Manager.
  • Big Data & Business Analytics: Digital Analyst, Big Data & AI Analyst and Customer Intelligence & CRM Analyst.
  • Technocreativity: Digital Designer.
  • Customer experience: UI/UX Designer and Customer Experience Manager.
  • Digital Business & E-commerce: Digital Business Manager, E-commerce Manager and Digital Account Manager.
  • Human Resources & employee experience: Digital Account Manager.
  • Tech & Business Innovation: Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and Al Bots Manager.

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