New emerging technologies, like those Devices compatible to BT cloud voice, enable the digitalization and automation of companies, improving existing processes and efficiencies in their operations, increasing productivity, competitiveness, and business growth.

For your organization, exploiting the emerging technologies you can disrupt old business model and create new ones, strengthen relationships with your clients, redesign business processes and operations… make your company more effective and agile, to create a competitive advantage and stay relevant.

As a leader or business manager, you are probably losing sleep over it. You know that the digital transformation benefits and how it will change the way your company conducts business.

However, you are not sure how to begin and how to accomplish the digital transformation journey, which departments have to be involved, at which stage of digital maturity is your company, and so on.

Making the most of digital technologies and optimizing digital tools to help your company transformation is without a doubt a challenge for any company, don’t worry.

Among them are selecting and designing the team or professionals who will lead and work in the digital transformation of your business.

Do you have the talent? Do you know how you will select and attract the right professionals who will start the process that your company needs?

Maybe there are experts in digital or tech areas working already in your company so you can evaluate if they are the right professionals to lead the digital journey of your company. Don’t forget that the transformation is about people and corporate culture as much as it’s about technology.

On the contrary, if your people aren’t experts in Digital Transformation, you basically have two options: You can train your staff, taking the risk they don’t have capabilities and competencies needed, or you can look for an independent professional or freelance that helps your company to face the transformation.

So here is what you should know to implement the Digital Transformation of your company with freelance staff.


  1. Evaluate the digital maturity of your company

Evaluating your digital maturity is the first step toward digital transformation. You need to know where you stand in order to know your capacity to transform and lead this change. A digital maturity assessment will help to identify key areas where you can improve, and help prioritize action items.

It’s advisable to ask for advice to experts in digital transformation, from the beginning, if your company can afford it.

In fact, a digital transformation expert or consultant who knows both the concerned industry and the digital world should carry out this analysis in order to define the right digital strategy and roadmap, as we will discuss in the 3 and 4 points.

Anyway, in general terms, with the digital maturity assessment, a company has to analyze its organization, business model, employees, the process for product and service design to evaluate your capacity to change and operate in the digital world.

You can consider your company circumstances and resources to figure out which digital transformation process works best for your business. And then, start small. Change can begin in areas where there are fewer risks. For example, you can upgrade your data management software so it includes features like Entity Extraction for easier and faster access to your data. But you have to begin with the end-goal in mind and then go forward step by step.


  1. Set digital transformation goals for your company

Many companies know the benefits of digitalization, but few really understand how they should carry out this transformation.

It’s crucial to know how far you want to go with the digitalization of your company and why you want to start the process of digital transformation.

Together with an expert, you must set the goals you want to achieve with this digitalization and that are right for your company and team. Digital experts can help with the security of your data stored in a cloud server by using the services from companies like

The best way is to start with the previous point, making the digital maturity evaluation and assessing the weaknesses of your business setting the goals you want to achieve.

But, how can companies best apply digital transformation practices to truly transform from a traditional organization into a digital business?

For the digital transformation of your business, quantitative as well as qualitative goals are equally important, as well as the action plans and tools and resources needed to achieve them.

Set both, long-term and short-medium objectives that help you accomplish the goal you want to achieve.

Are you going to transform the service you offer or will new digital products coexist with the old services? Do you know what digital and management skills you will need in your team? Which tools, resources, and processes will you need to accomplish this transformation?

Finally, don’t forget to ask yourself questions like: What is the program? How long will it take? Do you know how you will achieve these goals? Do you know what resources needed and the staff to carry it out?


  1. Define the professional role or roles you need to implement a Digital Transformation in your company

Before hiring a professional, you should deeply know the skills and abilities needed to make sure your digital transformation succeed.

Finding the right people, not technology or strategy profiles only, will make the difference between success and failure, and it can be a challenge.

It’s obvious that you need to have digital and tech talent that varies with every business and market.

But, digital transformation isn’t only about tools and digital technologies, it requires competency across strategy and vision, process and governance, people and culture, and capabilities.

In this scenario, new capabilities have emerged and it’s important to know which ones your business need to achieve the transition, but also to manage and lead this change.

With the emergence of new technologies, there are new professional roles and jobs that didn’t exist ten years ago.

Competencies such as information management, networking, collaborative work, data analytics, digital marketing, as well as flexibility and adaptability or innovation and creativity, are some of the most important in this new changing environment.

So hiring professionals or freelancers with this competencies and abilities is key to get you where you want to go. Don’t forget that digital transformation is more about people than machines and that having the right people in place will be crucial.

In fact, to succeed in your digital transformation you need to align your team and get them onboard with the process. Knowledge is a key tool for empowering the entire organization, and upgrading and upskilling your employees will be significant in digital transformation implementation.

A digital transformation is an ambitious undertaking. To make it work companies need discipline and committed top-down leadership.

Leaders have a preeminent role in driving the digital-transformation process. The process needs to start from the top.

Coming back to the professional profiles and job positions you need to implement a digital transformation in your business, having your goals set, it’s the moment to start with the candidates and roles selection.

Are you in need of cloud disaster recovery services? Is your company analyzing data to make data-driven decisions or you need to hire a “Business Analytics” professional? Do you work with the best seo agency toronto to manage the digital strategy and attracting customers across the digital channels? Is your company designing products and services with a UX designer?

When hiring these new profiles or freelancers it is really interesting to select professionals with a consultant profile so they will able to train your team, from the management team to the customer service people. 


  1. Start with the selecting and hiring process to find the professionals you need

Once you know what professional profiles you need, it’s time to start a selection process to find and successfully hire the best candidate or candidates.

As a starting point, as we have already mentioned, you should think about hiring a consultant that guide your business transformation from the beginning. If you don’t know the digital world, you can implement actions and new tools that complicate more than helping your business development.

When it comes to select and hire new people (freelancers or employees), you can develop all hiring process or you can outsource the efforts to a professional expert in hiring.

The Wisar talent pool is specialized in profiles that will help your company to implement the Digital Transformation process. Validated experts with expertise and proven experience, ready to work with flexibility as employees or freelancers.

With them, you will quickly and effectively find the resources you need to implement the Digital Transformation of your company, saving time and money.


Needless to say, digital transformation is a business imperative today, as it impacts a company’s bottom line.

In fact, Digital transformation is forcing companies to change their business models and adapt them to the new market reality.

Is your company undergoing a digital transformation? Our advice is that an expert who knows the digital world should carry out this digitalization.

You can hire your own staff to carry out the process or hire independent professionals or freelancers to help you.

In fact, a digital consultant that you can hire per hours or just during a set period of time can be essential to guide your company in the digital journey.

It’s about finding the right people to lead the change and create the team (internal and external experts) to take your company on this important challenge.


Do you have any doubt? Do you need help to find the right professionals to succeed with your Digital Transformation?

Tell us your needs. We will select for you the flexible talent you need to lead the change, in an agile and efficient way.