A new, more flexible, independent way of working is changing the work landscape and generating new challenges, which is having an impact on companies and workers. In response to these challenges, WorkerTech Solutions were created which look for ways to provide certain benefits to the worker supported by technology.

What are WorkerTech solutions?

WorkerTech solutions are technological innovations designed to empower and improve workers’ lives. A trend that aims to increase rights, especially for autonomous or flexible workers, through technology, which is defining what we called work of the future.   Today, they are already in operation.  

“If we want to put a stop to the precarious manner of structuring new employment, we must give workers rights that do not penalise them”, states the head of Ouishare, Albert Cañigueral. 

Source in Spanish:  “El mercado laboral digital a debate” ( “The digital labour market debate”) – by Ouishare y Malt.

These platforms try to improve the conditions of a traditional contract or to cover certain needs that are exposed when there is no such contract between employer and worker. Improvements related to systems of protection, defence of rights or bargaining power… The objective of WorkerTech solutions is to respond to a series of needs that have emerged in this new working landscape and to generate a positive social impact on workers.

WorkerTech is already a reality in the United States and these types of solutions are starting to reach Spain and Latin America. They will soon be part of our day to day lives.

WorkerTech solutions: what are they for?

There is a WorkerTech solution for every specific need. On the list, based on the full report by Albert Cañigueral de Ouishare in collaboration with Malt: “El mercado laboral digital a debate” (Article in Spanish – The digital labour market debate); some examples of WorkerTech solutions, grouped into different areas, can be highlighted below:

Solutions to improving your working conditions

The platform Organise is one example of WorkerTech solutions focussed on improving working conditions for employees. In fact, it was specifically created to help workers achieve improved power of negotiation in the workplace.

A recent example of its success was in the case of the US giant Amazon. Workers at Amazon made use of Organise to sign and support a petition against excessive warehouse targets. The anti-harassment application, as defined on its website, has already launched campaigns in the United Kingdom to improve the work-life balance of employees at ITV and to improve safety equipment at McDonald’s.

«The nature of work is changing dramatically and the ways in which workers communicate are also being transformed» – Usman Mohammed, lead campaigner at Organise.

Organise is a tool which has a great social impact in fragmented sectors such as music, where there is no physical space to join together and get organised in order to establish certain demands. According to its founders, the platform creates that space and makes it possible for thousands of workers to join forces in order to fulfil specific objectives. 

Solutions to finding work

Another type of WorkerTech solution being developed are talent recruitment platforms. A new talent characterised by their flexibility, autonomy and high-level digital skills.

Wisar is placed in this category, arising from the need to connect very specialised professionals with companies in search of workers with digital and IT skills. In our case, we have created a valuable pool of talent by selecting professionals with the experience and digital skills most sought after on the market.

Our algorithms for matching, along with our team of recruitment specialists, can find the perfect link between candidate and company, thus streamlining the recruitment process. Due to this rapport and diligence, our clients, who offer flexible work opportunities to attract the best workers, trust the professionals at Wisar to help scale their businesses and grow their teams.  

If you are looking for that missing part of your team, who can help boost the digitalisation of your business, you can count on us. We will find that perfect match for your company.