We’re proud to announce that Wisar and Flexjobs are partnering together to transforming the future of workplace and promoting professional talent.

Flexjobs is one of the most well-known and widely-used sites for finding telecommuting, part-time and other flexible job opportunities worldwide. Flexjobs currently has more than 3 million registered flexible workers, more than 4.000 companies in its network, and offers more than 31.000 flexible and part-time jobs.

The company, which was founded in 2007, has been recognized as a leading party in its industry by achieving top industry awards. Last year Flexjobs received the Top Companies Cultures 2017 Award, organized by the Entrepreneur Magazine and cultureIQ to recognize businesses that have successfully implemented a high-performance culture in their workplace.

Wisar, a start-up based in San Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona, ​​Spain), is a global platform where top flexible talent are connected with clients and employers worldwide, currently operating in more than 26 countries.

Sandra Arévalo, CEO and Founder of Wisar, highlights the importance of partnerships with “large companies such as Flexjobs, that shares the same mission statement to promote flexibility at work. The benefits of working together with Flexjobs give us the possibility to increase the number of job opportunities for our registered professionals”.

Through this agreement, young professionals who come to Wisar interested in flexible work opportunities will have the opportunity to promote their talent with reduced rates on Flexjobs platform.

From now on, Wisar will be able to expand its services offering flexible job opportunities to young professionals who count with less than 5 years of experience, including students.

At the same time this collaboration grants Wisar access to the Flexbjobs’ talent pool, where over 3 million candidates are registered, mainly in United States, offering a greater and globally list of qualified talents to its clients.

This collaboration brings Wisar closer to its main target and fundamental purpose: connecting flexible talents with global and flexible companies.

For Sandra “the velocity and the nature of the changes the talent sector is experiencing with regards to flexible working are evident”.

Today, more than 57 million workers – about 36% of the US workforce – freelances.

According to projections in the Freelancing in America: 2017 Survey, the majority of the US workforce will freelance by 2027.

Simultaneously, there will be large-scale adoption of freelance talent by companies looking to fill talent gaps, according to a report by the Oxford Internet Institute, which found that usage of freelancing sites has increased 26% in 2017.

“Grow up hand in hand with a leading company in U.S. such as Flexjobs is an opportunity for us to connect with the largest labor market in terms of flexibility at workplace”.

In this scenario Wisar “has the responsibility and the necessity to guarantee and help at the same time to manage this change” that allows “professionals a better work-life balance”.

A dedication and service to promote the flexible talent that occupies the Wisar team since its launch in 2016.

It’s time to embrace flexible working. You can do it now with Wisar and Flexjobs. Wanna join to the talent revolution?